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Are you looking for Each TPMS Reset for your vehicle?

TPMS stands for Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. It is a safety feature in modern cars that monitors the tyre pressure and alerts the driver if there is any deviation from the recommended pressure. The TPMS helps to ensure that the car tyres are properly inflated, which can improve fuel efficiency, extend tyre life and prevent accidents caused by tyre blowouts or skidding.

Are you experiencing frequent flashing or prolonged illumination of your vehicle's TPMS warning light?

If yes, it's advisable to have your tyres checked by Adams Tyre Specialists without delay. If there are no issues with the tyres, valves or wheels, it's possible that the TPMS sensors are malfunctioning for minor reasons. Sometimes the TPMS have not been re-set after new tyres have been fitted.

For a comprehensive examination or replacement of your vehicle's TPMS sensors Beverley, you can visit our Adams Tyre Specialists workshop. Our experienced technicians will diagnose any potential problems with the TPMS sensors and provide a replacement solution, if necessary.

Significance of TPMS

Ensuring that your tyres are inflated to the manufacturer's recommended pressure is crucial for your safety and optimal handling performance. Failure to maintain proper tyre pressure can cause several issues, including uneven tread wear, increased rolling resistance, reduced fuel efficiency and decreased steering response. Incorrect tyre pressure can also cause damage to other car parts, like the suspension.

To prevent these problems, modern vehicles are equipped with an advanced Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that utilises TPMS sensors. These sensors trigger a warning on the dashboard whenever the tyre pressure falls 25% below the recommended level.

Different types of TPMS employed in Vehicle

There are two main types of TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) used in vehicles:

Direct TPMS

This type of TPMS uses pressure sensors installed within each tyre to directly measure the air pressure. The sensors send real-time data to the vehicle's computer, which alerts the driver if the pressure falls below a certain threshold.

Indirect TPMS

This type of TPMS uses the vehicle's wheel speed sensors and other data to estimate the tyre pressure indirectly. It calculates the tyre pressure based on the difference in rotational speed between the wheels, as a tyre with low pressure will have a smaller circumference and will rotate faster than the other tyres. The system then sends an alert to the driver if it detects a significant difference in rotational speed between the tyres.

When to contemplate changing your car's TPMS sensor Beverley?

Professionals recommend having your vehicle's TPMS system inspected at least once every five years or after driving 100,000 miles.

Despite inflating your tyres to the recommended level, the TPMS warning light may illuminate or it may not provide any warning of a decrease in tyre pressure. In such situations, it is apparent that there are issues with the TPMS system and its sensors, necessitating their prompt replacement.

Frequently, TPMS sensors require replacement prematurely due to a failing battery. In such instances, it's necessary to replace the sensors since they are not repairable.

Factors responsible for TPMS Failure

Here is a list of potential causes of TPMS system failure:

  • Malfunctioning TPMS sensors Beverley
  • Low or dead sensor batteries
  • Damaged or corroded sensors
  • Faulty wiring or connectors
  • Incorrect sensor installation
  • Software issues with the TPMS system
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Driving on rough terrain
  • Exposure to road salt or other corrosive materials

Please note: Damaged sensors cannot be repaired but have to be replaced.

At Adams Tyre Specialists, we offer affordable and effective TPMS reset service Beverley.

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