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Pirelli Tyres

The Italian bigwig, Pirelli, has steadily made its way to become the seventh-largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Achieving new heights with its latest offering, the Cinturato P7, Pirelli is giving tough competition to the big boys of the tyre world. Known for its association with rally racing, Pirelli is an innovator that is here to stay.

So if you are looking for Pirelli tyres we have got you covered. Adams Tyre Specialists a stocks a variety of their offerings and look forward to being of service to you.

P Zero Family

This P Zero family was designed, keeping in mind Ultra High Performance for SUVs and cars. They also were made with the best motorsport technology as a highlight. Under this umbrella, there are several brand names. Let’s take a look at some of the Pirelli car tyres in this family.

P Zero™ Winter: A high-performance tyre for the winter season, this tyre is a culmination of superior braking performance, one-of-a-kind handling and control.

P Zero™ Corsa: Bringing the best in motorsport tech to the road, this brand is the pinnacle when it comes to braking and traction.

P Zero™ Corsa System: A perfect tyre for cornering, having sublime handling and grip on roads, the P Zero™ Corsa System is one performance oriented beast.

Cinturato Family

Made especially for drivers who seek to reduce the environmental fallout of their vehicles, the Cinturato brand of tyres is the perfect answer. The tyres use eco-friendly material. Also, they have lower rolling resistance. So if you were looking to buy Pirelli tyres, take a look at some of these names.

New Cinturato P7™: The consummation of several features like low rolling resistance, and high mileage, the New Cinturato P7 is a tyre that will last you for miles.

Cinturato P7™: The first “Green Performance” tyre from Pirelli, this tyre is made from the latest tread pattern designs, and shows its respect for the environment.

Cinturato P7™ Blue: Made for the medium-sized car variety it offers a mix of outstanding braking performance, low rolling resistance, and high mileage.

Scorpion™ Family

The Scorpion family was made, especially for SUVs. The perfect mix of safety features as well as performance, these tyres are the answers to customer wants.

Scorpion Verde™ All Season SF: Suitable for mild winters and not harsh ones, this brand name guarantees excellent performance levels.

Scorpion Verde™: The chosen tyres for SUVs and crossovers, these are environmentally friendly tyres highlighting lower fuel intake.

Scorpion™ Winter: Known to be the best in class this tyre is a treat on winter roads providing maximum stability in snow-covered tarmacs.

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